Unimog rental

Rental of Unimog, four wheel drive trucks and trailer

You need a Unimog quickly, with which you can also make a good impression on your customer? Your construction site is at a standstill because you lack the right Unimog with crane? You can get a winter service job, but you lack the right Unimog or the necessary winter service equipment? We have over 30 Unimogs that you can rent. We are sure that we have the right Unimog for you as well.

Our Unimog Flatrate – the all-round carefree package

You need a Unimog with a crane and a lot of outreach at your construction site, but at the next construction site you have little space and need a short wheelbase, and at the third construction site a cable winch on the crane could make your work much easier? Choose our Unimog flat rate. You pay a monthly rent and we provide you with the right Unimog for your construction site. In addition, we take care of the maintenance and repairs of the Unimog – so you can take care of your own construction site.

Unimog with crane

The all-rounder for almost all terrains

  • modern Unimog
  • as-new cranes
  • radio control
  • crane winch
  • working range 360°

Unimogs with cranes are mainly used in plant construction, pipeline construction and other construction sites that are sometimes difficult to access. The short and maneuverable vehicles impress with their off-road capabilities and transport pipes, for example, and unload them with the help of the crane.

Allrad-LKW mit Kran mieten

Four wheel drive trucks with crane

You need a real strong crane but only have little space?

  • cranes up to 24 mt
  • short wheelbase
  • 4×4

All-wheel drive trucks are ideal for construction sites where off-road capability is not important, but rather reach or a high payload. Among other things, our trucks have the shortest possible wheelbase, so that you can also work reasonably in areas that offer little space.

Unimog als Tankfahrzeug mieten

Unimog as a tank truck

The tank truck for large construction sites

  • cross-country ability
  • 5000 l tank
  • a hose to refuel machines

The Unimog with tanker body is ideal for refueling construction machinery and pumps on large construction sites. It is small and maneuverable and can easily reach hard-to-reach places due to its off-road capability.

Unimog für den Winterdienst mieten

Unimog for winter service

Unimog including equipment like …

  • snow blade
  • spreader extension for dry and wet salt

Der Winterdienst gehört zu den anspruchsvolleren Einsatzgebieten eines Unimogs. Die durch das Salz stark beanspruchten Fahrzeuge (und Aufsatzstreuer) werden bei uns daher besonders intensiv gepflegt. Dank Korrosionsschutz und Rahmenkonservierung erbringen unsere Unimogs auch nach vielen Jahren Top-Leistungen wie am ersten Tag.

Unimog with mower

The Unimog with Uni side mower

  • Mower Dücker SMT 15

The SMT 15 Uni-Sidemower is mounted as a front attachment to the vehicle plate of the Unimog. The working width is 1.50 m. The SMT 15 Uni-Mower with a corresponding attachment it can also be used as a weed brush.

Flatbed truck

Mercedes transporter with flatbed

  • Merdes Benz Doka with flatbed
  • 84 kw

The Mercedes flatbed truck is ideal for supplying construction sites with materials and personnel. The double cab is also ideal as a “break room” and for storing tools.

Telescopic loader

Wide range of applications at great heights

  • Merlo Roto 38.16 S
  • Telescopic loader with max outreach 16m
  • Max lifting capacity 3,8 t

Telescopic loaders are available in rigid and rotating versions. Unlike a Unimog, a telescopic handler may be driven with a Class L license. However, it only drives 25 km/h, so it must be transported to its stationary use on the construction site with a trailer. The variable telescopic loaders can be equipped with a load hook, a fork or a winch, among other things.

Tandem trailer Müller-Mitteltal

Perfect for the use of your Unimog

  • loading area: 6270 x 2470x 400 mm
  • total weight: 11.900 kg
  • payload: 8.100 kg
  • tandem axle
Unimog-Fahrer mieten

Unimog driver

You need an Unimog but don’t have a driver?

No problem! We rent an appropriate Unimog driver as well. Our employees have the crane driving license and can come to your construction site at short notice.

The right Unimog is missing?

Call us. We find an individual solution!

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