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In the years 2004 – 2008, Ute and Armin followed the call of wanderlust and set out to meet South America. What was planned as a 3 month trip became a business idea. Why not convert commercial Unimog into motorhomes and offer guided tours with these? The idea turned out to be very difficult to implement though. Import restrictions, customs regulations, admission restrictions and transit regulations made life difficult for them to be able to offer the service . With much personal effort and considerable help from their local friends, they were able to launch a fleet of 3 Unimog in Chile, convert them into RVs and rent them to interested adventurers or offer guided tours. It was an exciting, beautiful, exhausting time in which they learned to love South American landscapes, make friends for life, get to know their own limits and outgrow themselves. Ute says: “Back then we were starry-eyed – luckily! If we had known what was ahead of us, we would not have done it all – and missed one of the best times of our lifes. “ One of their tours was done with photographer Hans-Jürgen Pfund.

The following book is provided by their friend and photographer Hans Jürgen Pfund. He booked Armin to follow a track he planned using google earth, to find the most spectacular views in the high Andeens. A second Unimog was necessary for the trip, to rescue in case one of the Unimog got bogged down – since it is said: Where the Unimog gets stuck, others won´t even arrive!

Please enjoy the fantastic views of
3 Weeks Puna

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