Rental of Trucks 4×4 with crane

You need a real strong crane? We offer you trucks 4×4 with heavy duty cranes.

Some of them even have a working range of 360°. With their short wheelbase they can turn everywhere, even in very small yards

Unimog with crane from the specialist!

We specialized on the rental of Unimog with crane.

We believe in:

As-new cranes with radio control
Flexible solutions

Our Unimog are reliable, so you can manage a reliable service to your costumer

Unimog as a tank-truck

We rent 4×4 Unimog with a 4600 liter tank and a hose to refuel machines on a construction sides.

The Unimog with its cross-country ability is highly suitable for the work.


Rental for Unimog for winter service

Unimog with snow plough and snow plough
Tractor with snow plough and snow plough


We rent tractors, such as Kubota for winter and summer-service

We offer our tractors for rent:

with snow plough and salt spreader
with mover or sweaper

Please call us, we will be please to inform you about our services!

Rental of Unimog for Railway-Service

for shunting service
for mowing service